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Camping Chairs: Great For True Blue Camp Goers

Camping chairs are definitely the best way to enjoy a little comfort to anyone who loves to go on a camping adventure or outdoor travel holiday. While a camp chair can be really comfy at the campsite, it may not give the same level of convenience if you attempt to use it on uneven or sandy ground such as the beach.

Of course, it would be nice to know that you have a high-quality camp chair and that it’s something you can take anywhere like a trusted camping companion. However, you need to remember that when taking a camp chair while you go hiking, it’s more important to consider portability as opposed to functionality.

If you love the beach and ponder on whether you can take your favourite camp chair all along, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure that you’re bringing along a portable chair. This is especially true if you need to walk over a couple of hundred yards from your camp vehicle to the beach area.

Camping Chairs: A Quick Overview

A portable chair can be very useful if you’re a regular camper and you have certain hobbies that you’d like to do while camping. With a portable chair, you can read your favourite book, go stargazing, enjoy a glass of wine under the dreamy sky, and more.

Next, taller camping chairs may not fit well under a beach canopy. Beach chairs, being designed to be lower to the ground, feel much more comfortable than camping chairs. If this is the case, simply choose a low slung camp chair which can work just fine for the beach.

Third, camping chairs may not always have the same reclining function found in beach chairs. This means if you want to go sunbathing and use your camp chair at the beach, it is recommended to take along a camp chair that has a reclining function.

Lastly, camping chairs have feet that tend to sink a bit when placed on the sand. As the sand is not stable, these feet also sink to different depths which give the camp chair a tilting effect. The result is constant re-adjustment of the camp chair position which can be a little annoying. If you’re planning to purchase a new camp chair, go for something that has aluminium legs. This material is known to have a great strength to weight ratio. To have a more sturdy camp chair at the beach, simply pole the legs by five to six inches in the sand. Doing so will keep the legs steady while you are changing position.

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