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The Avanti® Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork takes the guesswork out of grilling and allows you to cook your meat perfectly every time! The thermometer displays the meats internal temperature and includes pre-programed settings for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey along with the cooking level (rare, medium rare, medium or well done). It features an easy to read backlight LCD display and an alarm when optimum temperature is reached.

    • Easy to read backlight LCD Display
    • Stainless steel probes with safety caps
    • 6 preset meat selections & 4 Taste settings
    • Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
    • Measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Auto shut off
    • 2 x AAA batteries included

Use & Care

      • Wash prongs in hot soapy water after each use to prevent cross contamination and dry with immediately.
      • Always clean probes after inserting into uncooked meat.
      • This item is NOT dishwasher safe.
      • Do NOT submerge handle in water.
      • Do NOT leave in oven or microwave
      • “BATTERY INSTALLATION: 1. Lift open the battery cover at back of handle. 2. Insert 2 x AAA batteries according to the polarity (+/-) shown. 3. Close battery cover tightly. BEFORE FIRST USE: • Remove the protective film from the LCD display. • Remove the safety caps off probes and clean in hot soapy water. POWER ON/OFF: • Press the MEAT button to turn the thermometer on. The LCD screen will display the current ambient temperature.” “TO SELECT MEAT TYPE AND TASTE LEVEL: 1. Select the meat type by pressing the MEAT button. Each press will change the display in the following sequence: BEEF ¢ VEAL LAMB ¢ PORK ¢ CHICKEN ¢ TURKEY ¢ —-(no selection) 2. Select how well meat is done by pressing the TASTE button. This is indicated by the tirangular pointer u on the LCD screen. Each press changes the display in the following sequence: WELLDONE ¢ MEDIUM ¢ MEDIUM RARE ¢ RARE NOTE: Taste levels will only be selectively indicated according to the specific type of meat setting chosen. For example: only WELL DONE & MEDIUM will be indicated and can be selected for VEAL” “• Hold down the to power off.” “button for 2 second” “MEASURING TEMPERATURE OF MEAT:” “• The fork will automatically turn off in 10 minutes to save power (previous settings will be stored).” “1. Insert prong halfway into the thickest part of the meat (at least 2cm deep). 2. Allow approximately 15-20 seconds for the probe to obtain accurate temperature reading. 3. The pointer of the chosen taste level will turn on and flash to indicate how well the meat is done. As the temperature rises to the next higher level, the pointer of that level will also turn on and keep flashing. 4. Once chosen taste level is reached, the temperature reading will be flashing and the fork will beep to alert the meat is done. 5. Press MEAT or TASTE button to clear the flashing LCD and to stop the alarm beeping. 6. Remove the fork once the temperature is determined. NOTE: Always insert the prongs into the thickest part of the meat (avoiding fatty parts and bones). Thin portions tend to cook through very fast so it is difficult to measure how well meat is done. TO TAKE A SEPARATE READING: If you need a second reading immediately, press either the MEAT or TASTE button to stop flashing LCD and alarm beeping. Now the fork is ready for a second reading.”

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